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All sorts of brands available for sale Like Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo & Toshiba. The laptops we sell are business class laptops that are built to work a lot longer than consumer laptops that come from major retailers. The laptops we sell are built very modular so it is easy to replace something like a battery, keyboard, or screen if it becomes cracked one day. Replacement parts for these laptops are very inexpensive, so you will be starting off with an affordable refurbished laptop and it will be very cost effective to keep it running for years. 

It is very easy to upgrade items like the RAM or HDD because they are not soldered onto the motherboard and can be accessed very easily. Also, these laptops run extremely well with Linux. The boot time is much faster than Windows and just in general the computing experience is very smooth. There is lots of free open source software for basically anything you can imagine. Linux is also known to be very safe and secure so you can have a better sense of privacy when you are on the computer. 

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