Collection: Lenovo Thinkpad with Linux

Shop Lenovo Thinkpad with Linux. We sell and refurbish all sorts of Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad models. They are some of the most robust and high quality laptops to ever come onto the market. Thinkpads are also some of the best laptops to operate with Linux. When the Thinkpads came out from the factory they originally had a Windows operating system loaded on which becomes slower and slower as time goes on. Eventually after enough updates some laptops struggle to handle running Windows as well as they did new. The great thing about a Thinkpad laptop with Linux is any distribution of Linux uses way less resources than Windows and that aspect alone makes the computing experience much more seamless with speed that makes powering through tasks seem like a breeze. The second thing that gives these the laptops a performance boost is upgrading the ram and changing out the regular SATA HDD to a SSD. Those hardware upgrades along with running Linux on these Thinkpads makes the perform better than some brand new laptops coming from big box stores.

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