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Welcome to the HP Linux laptop collection. Here we stock HP models that are known to be well built and last. The other thing about our HP Linux laptops is they're guaranteed to run Linux 100% without any flaws. All of our laptops are refurbished and brought back to better than new standards. The laptops are cleaned top to bottom and then any worn or broken parts are replaced with new ones. The laptops then have the RAM and HDD upgraded to give them a performance boost. Also, you can take two identical HP laptops and put them side by side the only difference being once machine has a Windows operating system and the other has a Linux. Right off the bat you will notice how much more responsive the laptop running Linux is. Also, need to write a paper, just open up Libre office and type away. On Windows you have to ask your self do you want to pay for office to be installed on your desktop, or use a watered down version online? With Linux you don't have to pay a bunch of money to have essential software that you need. It is really nice using a HP Linux laptop because as soon as you take it out the box it was shipped in, power it on, you will be in business able to do whatever you want on the computer.

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