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Cheap laptop deals is Laptop Mountain's specialty. Here we actually don't sell "cheap" laptops, actually we sell high quality laptops, but at a cheap price. It is common to think if you want a nice laptop you must spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Laptop Mountain is trying to change that mind set by offering 2-4 year old business class laptops that have been refurbished and upgraded to compete with the new laptops offered in stores for a literal fraction of the price. How is this possible? Two reasons. First is many big corporations and governments are on a 2-year refresh cycle for their equipment. Every two years tons of equipment is let go by these organizations. The second reason is once the laptops are let go deprecation sets in very hard with these laptops. A common example of this is XYZ corporation pays $1000 for each laptop they purchase at a quantity of 500 laptops. When these are let go after two years their resale value drops to about $200. That is why Laptop Mountain is able to offer so many cheap laptop deals on a variety of makes and models. Come find your new laptop today!

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