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Browse from dozens of makes and models of refurbished laptops from popular manufactures. We are confident that our selection will have what you need so you can buy a recondition laptop and be as happy with it as a new one, but also be happy in the fact that you just saved a ton of money. When buying a reconditioned laptop choose one that has a screen size that is adequate for your needs. If you are doing intensive tasks definitely look at buying a reconditioned laptop that has at least an i5 or i7 processor. If you are doing occasional web browsing and lighter tasks than an i3 processor or core 2 Duo will be suitable for your needs. What is more of a factor in terms of performance is the amount of RAM and if the HDD has been upgraded to an SSD. A Core 2 Duo refurbished laptop with Linux that is installed on an SSD will be very fast. An older laptop can be transformed by taking out the HDD and replacing it with an SSD running something like Linux Mint or Ubuntu. It makes a night and day difference increasing the performance to a level much higher than it came with from the factory. When buying your next reconditioned laptop make sure to check out the selection here at Laptop Mountain.

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