Refurbished Linux Laptop

There are lots of laptops being recycled by large establishments everyday. Some of these laptops are ripped apart and scrapped for their parts, which is a shame because most of these laptops can be refurbished into great laptops. Let’s take for example a Lenovo ThinkPad T540P laptop. It was a great laptop when it first came out and still today is a very nice laptop. When it is refurbished it will need to be cleaned and maybe have something like a dead battery replaced, which is very simple and can be done in less than 5 seconds. Then the RAM can be upgraded along with the hard drive being upgraded to a Solid State Drive. Then Linux is preloaded to finish it all up.

These laptops originally were designed and built to run a Windows operating system. With each new release of Windows the operating system is built with more services and programs running all the time which slow down the system. Linux on the other hand uses the bare amount of resources to operate and runs extremely fast. Since Linux is open source it is free and also has lots of high quality free software that can be loaded onto it. Linux is also very secure which can give users the peace of mind they are safe while using Linux.

When there is so much high quality laptops being let go by big organizations it gives great opportunity for people to own a refurbished Linux laptop for a fraction of what it costed new just a few years ago when new. Laptop Mountain saw this opportunity and that’s why they are offering many refurbished Linux laptops for under $200. Some of these big box stores charge over $300 for a new consumer grade laptop which more often than not is designed to fail within 2 years or less. The enterprise laptops that are being recycled out so fast are actually engineered to last a long time. Take advantage of the depreciation of factor and buy a Linux laptop that looks, performs, and feels like a new laptop. 

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