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In a world dominated by one-size-fits-all electronics, finding the perfect laptop can often feel like an impossible quest. However, at Laptop Mountain, you can finally craft the laptop of your dreams. Offering an impressive array of options. Laptop Mountain allows you to select every option of a laptop and customize it in a way that is not typically offered by other retailers, however, at Laptop Mountain we believe in the power of freedom, innovation, and simplicity, so that's why we're proud to bring this feature to our customers. 

Choose Your Brand

The journey to your ideal laptop begins with the freedom to select your preferred brand. Whether you're a die-hard fan of a particular manufacturer or simply seeking the latest innovations, Laptop Mountain offers a wide range of choices to reflect your unique style and requirements. Also, maybe you have no preference and if that's the case just select that as an option and we will pick one for you!

From the sleek and stylish offerings of Dell to the versatile and affordable options of Lenovo, the choice is yours. You no longer need to compromise on a laptop that doesn't quite align with your expectations because Laptop Mountain lets you take charge from the very start.

Processor Selection

Your laptop's processing power is the engine that drives its performance. At Laptop Mountain, you're not confined to a predetermined CPU. Instead, you can select the processor that suits your computing needs, whether it's a lightning-fast Intel Core i7 for gaming and multimedia or a power-efficient Intel Core i5 for productivity and multitasking.

With the ability to handpick your processor, you can be confident that your laptop will meet the demands of your daily tasks and more. No longer will you have to compromise between performance and price, as you can tailor your laptop to strike the perfect balance.

RAM and Multitasking 

For seamless multitasking and lightning-fast application launches, the amount of RAM in your laptop is crucial. At Laptop Mountain, you're in command. Whether you're a casual user looking for 8GB or a power user seeking 16GB or more, you can choose the RAM that aligns with your needs.

Customizing your RAM not only enhances your laptop's performance but also future-proofs it. As software becomes more demanding, having ample RAM ensures your laptop remains efficient and responsive over the years. The more RAM onboard allows you to multitask with ease and not notice performance drops.

Select The Perfect Screen

The display is your window to the digital world, and at Laptop Mountain, you can personalize this window to your liking. Whether you prefer a high-resolution screen for crisp visuals or a touch-enabled display for greater interactivity, the choice is yours.

Select the screen size that suits your work or entertainment needs, from compact 14-inch screens for portability to expansive 15.6-inch displays for immersive gaming and content creation. 

Storage Solutions

Storage is the digital backbone of your laptop. Laptop Mountain allows you to choose between lightning-fast SSDs for speedy performance. The first option is a 256GB SSD and if that is not enough storage space for you then there is the option to upgrade to a 512GB SSD. 

Operating System Selection

Your laptop's operating system is your digital comfort zone, and Laptop Mountain respects that. Whether you're a Windows aficionado, or a Linux devotee, you can specify your preferred operating system.

Choose the OS that you're most familiar with, ensuring a smooth and intuitive computing experience from the moment you power on your customized laptop.


Laptop Mountain is not just a destination; it's an expedition into the world of personalized technology. Here, you have the power to build a laptop that's uniquely yours, from the brand down to the operating system. No longer do you need to settle for off-the-shelf solutions that only partially meet your needs.

Embark on your journey to the peak of customization and craft a laptop that perfectly aligns with your aspirations, workflow, and style. At Laptop Mountain, your laptop is not just a device; it's a reflection of your identity and the future of computing tailored to you.

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