Cheap Linux Laptop

Why buy a cheap Linux laptop?

The term cheap Linux laptop is all relative. When you actually start examining a "cheap Linux laptop" you will start to realize there is really nothing cheap about it, except maybe the price, which a better word to use instead of cheap would be affordable, or inexpensive. Cheap is a term thrown around all the time. Usually it means the quality is sub-par and whatever cheap thing you purchased is destined to break. You can also find something of quality that is cheap, but at that point it should be called inexpensive, or a good deal. 

We become accustomed to what we think the price of something should be, or how much we should spend on something. I challenge you to step back and rethink all of your new purchases. Somethings there really is no substitute for, however, there are plenty of adequate substitutes for laptops that cost $500 or more dollars. What is the need for the average consumer to spend that much money on a laptop? None. There really is no need. A lot of the business class laptops being recycled out are of very high quality giving someone access to a cheap Linux laptop once it has been refurbished. 

If you take for example Dell and Lenovo business class laptops they are designed and engineered far better than your regular consumer laptop. These laptops are purchased new buy large organizations and governments. They are then used on average for 2-years and then recycled out. These computers are designed to last far longer than two years. If something like the battery or screen became defective it is very simple and fast to swap out these parts. These laptops are the perfect canidates for cheap Linux laptops that are only cheap in price and are really high quality laptops that will last for years to come. 

Laptop Mountain then takes these laptops, fully clean, inspect and test the laptops to get them to basically new condition again. Then depending on the order the customer has the option to upgrade the RAM and HDD to a SSD. Once the laptop has those upgrades running Linux it turns this "cheap laptop" into a robust powerhouse. If you're in the market for a Linux laptop I hope you consider buying a high quality inexpensive laptop that will last you for many more years to come. 

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