6 Best Laptops Under $200

6 Best Laptops Under $200 


Purchasing a used laptop can be a very smart move, both for the casual computer user and the home business owner. A laptop that’s been used can cost less than half of what a new one does. It’s also nice that buying a used laptop is affordable and does not require financing like some newer laptops do.

But how do you know which brands and models are a good bet when you’re buying used? These top picks can help you filter the ads for used laptops and make the buying process less confusing. They’re based on the most popular features and the average cost of new versus used.

Best Used Laptop Models:

* HP Elitebook 8530P 15.4”

* Dell Latitude 131L 14.1”

* IBM ThinkPad T60 14.1”

* Dell Latitude D630 14.1”

* IBM ThinkPad T61 15.4”

* HP Compaq 6710B 15.4”

Here are three additional things to keep in mind as you begin to research these models for yourself:

  1. Used laptops that are not the latest model returns may have a ‘last generation’ operating system. That’s not a problem unless an app you use is only written for the most recent operating system, but that’s a pretty unusual situation. Also, lots of individuals prefer using older versions of software because they are familiar with it and it saves lots of money by not upgrading.


  1. If you aren’t dealing with a retail outlet, ask the seller about warranty and if repairs have been made. A good used laptop will come with at least a 30-day warranty. If any parts have been replaced they should be OEM, or brand new by a reputable manufacture.


  1. If you’re planning to use the laptop for serious gaming, you’ll need to look for models that have the video card, memory, and processor to support it. Lower-end laptops are built for basic home and office use. Some older laptops may not play newer games well.


There’s no reason to spend top dollar buying the latest and greatest laptop for your home. Take a look at used models that have good reviews from other buyers. The money you’ll save will be well worth doing a little homework before you buy.

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