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Linux Laptop | Why Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

Today in 2018 we are surrounded by tech everywhere. 15 years ago we had only one way to access the internet and that was through our computers, however, things have changed and accessing the internet can be done on multiple devices. Companies are refreshing their devices at a very fast rate with an abundance of new tech available all the time. With so much new tech being sold on the market today it has created a whole new industry of recycling and repurposing the “old” tech to give it a second life.

There are lots of laptops being recycled by companies and governments every day. Some of these laptops are destined to be ripped apart and scrapped for their valuable parts, which is a shame because most of these laptops can be made to operate as fast, or faster than new laptops on the market today for a huge fraction of the price. Let’s take for example a Lenovo ThinkPad T420 laptop. It is one of the most popular laptops that Laptop Mountain repurposes. It was a very nice laptop when it first came out and still today is a very nice laptop. When it is recycled it will need to be cleaned and maybe have something like the battery replaced, which is very easy and can be done in less than 10 seconds. Then the RAM can be upgraded along with the hard drive being upgraded to a Solid State Drive. Then the operating system is loaded on and it operates especially fast since it is running Linux.

These laptops originally were designed and built to run a Windows operating system. With each new release of Windows the operating system is built with more services and programs running all the time which bog down the system. Linux on the other hand uses the bare amount of resources to operate and therefore runs extremely fast. Since Linux is open source it is free and also has lots of high quality free software that can be downloaded. Linux is also very safe and secure because there aren’t many viruses written to attack the Linux kernel.

Since smartphones are very capable and expensive that becomes a lot of peoples go to choice for conducting online activities. There becomes a problem through and that is being limited to the real estate of a 5-inch screen along with the limitations of typing only with two thumbs. The QWERTY keyboard allows for speed and accuracy when it is necessary. Sometimes we need to do work and have multiple large windows open to see what we are doing. Also, the applications/software that run on smartphones have to be developed and having to code with only two thumbs would be terrible.

When there is so much high quality tech being let go by big organizations it gives opportunity for people to own a nice laptop for a fraction of what it costed new just a few years ago. Laptop Mountain saw this need and that’s why they are offering lots of refurbished business class laptops for under $200. Some of these big box stores charge over $300 for a new consumer grade laptop which more often than not is engineered to fail within 2 years. The business class laptops that are being recycled out so quickly are actually designed to last a very long time. They are also very modular making repair easy. These companies and governments could save lots of money by using their tech for a longer period of time, so let’s use their loss as our gain.

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